What better way to spend your Valentines Day than at a cosy Railtons auction?

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When we realised that the sale coincided with the traditional love fest, I had all sorts of plans up my sleeve, such as uniting paddle numbers with strangers, getting staff to dress up as bunny girls/men, heart-shaped paddles, etc. But, alas, all my ideas have been pooh-poohed, either for their political incorrectness or by a revolution in the ranks. (Talking of political correctness – I have just noticed that Lot 181 seems to have escaped my in-house censors!)

lot 436

I don’t think we have ever had a sale with so many mixed lots, which, because of their quantity, are so hard to catalogue thoroughly. Which means one really has to view in order to fully appreciate the treasures. There is very little embellishment in our cataloguing style, unlike all the “awesome” type descriptions one finds on Facebook, which I just don‘t get. Very much like the word “fine”, which I have used in its proper sense, but which tends to get cheapened by constant use as in “fine art”.

lot 172

Looking through the inventory we have the usual variety of things, from the odd (Lot 55 - with over a hundred of) to the unusual collection of ashtrays (Lot 321). Or any suggestions with what one can do with Lot 225, of which there are over 890 of?

lot 44

There are really practical things like the gun cabinet (Lot 205), and I must admit to taking pot shots at the porters with Lot 68 – all in order to test the accuracy of the sights on the piece of course!

lot 74

Having been lifting furniture all day today, I may still feel like plugging Lot 111 in behind the rostrum for the auction. And getting back to the Valentine's theme – what about the pink jeep (Lot 95) for an unusual present? Or the cased pink set (Lot 103) – purchase that, and I might even throw in a picnic!

lot 58

Musically, apart from the usual guitars, etc., we have an excellent working organ and a good Welmar piano; and also for the increasing number of vinyl collectors – several lots of records. Amongst the furniture, Lot 219 is an excellent quality oak dresser, and there is also a set of 16 good quality sturdy arts & crafts style dining chairs. Or, for the retro mid-century style home that is apparently very trendy, what about the Lot 117 set. And to go with it, the Hornsea (Lot 206).

Auctioneer’s Choice

I am always asked what would I buy, so the Auctioneers Choice for this sale is Lot 242 – for the downstairs loo. And every good home needs a cheval mirror – Lot 310.


eden hall

I am pleased to say that our next auction will be an “on the premises” sale at Eden Hall on March 7th, selling the residual contents on behalf of the former Lady Loch, who is moving south. A lot of family treasures from this Scottish Borders mansion, and we hope that the catalogue will be on-line very soon.

Mark the date in your diaries.

I look forward to seeing you again on February 14th, and do please ask if you have any queries, or if you have any pieces to sell.

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PS There is also a downloadable PDF catalogue on the website, which some clients prefer to use.