Happy New Year to all.

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We are swiftly “off the blocks” with a January outing to clear the decks, and feed those clever folk who up-cycle, restore, re-cycle, re-use, etc., and who are generally sensible enough to purchase esoteric things of character. I am chuffed to have such clients – folk who can shake hands properly, who can bleed a radiator, can climb trees and use a real map! People who can spend 10 minutes talking to me, without looking at their phone. They are about – people with passion and empathy for “stuff”, so we look forward to seeing you again.

lot 311

I am constantly asked – where does all ‘the gear’ come from? Well – most of it from house clearances far & wide – is the answer. This sale includes a property from near Cheltenham, a large house in Coldstream, two houses in Gosforth and several Borders residences. As well as a lot of local vendors who are downsizing and de-cluttering.

Incidentally – NOW is the time to call us if you are, or if you know of someone in that situation, as I am busy visiting homes sizing up all sorts of treasures. Looking at my diary next week it includes valuations in Kelso, Sunderland, Ripon, Darlington, Jesmond, Ponteland, Greenlaw, Edinburgh, Hexham and Berwick – so you can imagine the miles I do. The following week I am in Wales, Shrewsbury, London & Bath – so basically it is “have gavel – will travel”.

lot 273

Looking through this vernissage, it is a good assemblage right across the board, as usual. There are “stories” to so many of the things - such as Lot 300, which was handed to our vendor in the middle of the night at a middle eastern airport by a gentleman with a teatowel on his head, before he got on the plane (I wonder if the bejewelled handle is ‘right’?). Or the wacky chairs (Lot 463) which a (loving?) couple are fighting over. The pair of oak beds of really excellent quality, bought in France for a huge sum of money – the girls having now ‘moved on’. And I could not help smiling at the accidental coupling of Lots 88 & 89 – perhaps they should be the other way round consequentially!

lot 501

Talking of exercise, we seem to have a lot of sporting gear, from mountain biking to tennis, to fishing & skating to golfing. Or a touch of lacrosse? And Lot 205 must be the saddle to be seen out in! The snow could still come, and we have two excellent old fashioned toboggans – Lots 16 & 468. And regarding playing with things, we have three lots of Playmobil pieces, which is apparently even more collectable than LegoLots 595, 600 & 610.

lot 437

Have a browse through the catalogue NOW by using this link – www.jimrailton.com – and leave some bids. For furnishing any room, we must be the place to come! There is so much I could waffle on about – such as the bookcase Lot 15, which was handmade as special commission by a cabinetmaker at a cost of over £2K! And the fact that everything seems to come at once, as I am often asked for things, and then in the next sale we seem to have a surfeit of them – such as kitchen dressers in this auction – 15, 367, 604, 550, 457, etc. Or the three settles, and three kitchen hangers which people have been asking me for.

lot 176

We are ‘on view’ from now if you want to come early, but officially on Thursday & Friday from 10am until 6pm, with the auction itself starting on Saturday at 10am. You can leave a bid online, phone bids in, bid live via UK Auctioneers or come to the event and wave at me – so do not miss out.

There is also a downloadable PDF catalogue on the website, which some clients prefer to use.

Auctioneer’s Choice

As for the Auctioneer’s Choice – i.e. what I would buy – a new feature of these email fliers, well if someone purchases Lot 467I promise to bring them breakfast in bed! The platinum lorgnette is a bit of “a sleeper”, and Lot 576 – you are bound to trip over when returning from a night out!

Look forward to seeing you, and GOOD BUYING!

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PS Please can someone tell me what Lot 295 is about?


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