a glorious gallimaufry

I did not make that up, but best describes another big auction this Saturday, with a saleroom bursting at the seams as usual.

lot 35

We catalogued and photographed up to 600 Lots, and then stopped. And already we have started cataloguing for the next two auctions on July 18th & August 22nd. The next July sale is going to be a catalogue antique auction, so if you have any special items that you wish to be entered – please get in touch NOW.

lot 101

It is a good summer outing this week-end, and it is a pleasure to really lay down our credentials of being in the re-cycling business. I have just read the statistic that, in the UK, 11,500,000 tons of furniture ends up as landfill, which is absurd. So if we (and you) can contribute to this re-use/upcycling/green consumption, it must be good.

lot 195

Looking through the catalogue, it is as usual an eclectic collection of everything, which has come from house clearances throughout Northumberland, Newcastle and as well as over the Border – in fact a butcher's shop just in Scotland has been an obvious source of items – see the great butcher's blocks!

lot 258

It really is worth having a browse through the on-line catalogue, so click here for the link to our website. You can leave offers at any time, right up to the point of the hammer going down, as the bids go straight to the auctioneer’s computer on the rostrum. And with faster broadband now available, it means we have fewer delays or problems with bids not getting through.

lot 259

Or come and have a view in person – a wander through Railtons beats any foraging through the aisles at Lidl or Aldi! The catalogue seems to contain a lot of books on this occasion, and with the outside weather becoming more enjoyable, we also have a lot of bicycles in the sale – Lots 392, 20, 371, 157, 198, etc.

lot 413

There is just too much stuff to mention, ranging from Waring & Gillow walnut furniture (Lot 322) to oil paintings (Lot 507), much mid-century ceramics such as Denby (Lot 512) and real gems amongst the mixed ceramics lots. For the quirky – what about the footy table (Lot 11) or the African musical instruments (Lot 103) or the four dead sheep (Lot 311). One could go on highlighting items, but have a view yourselves, and bid away – click here.

lot 600

Next week our website is getting a slightly new look, with a few changes being made, and the functionality will be improved – so have a look to see what has happened.

lot 575

We are also progressing with our own App, which should be available soon.

We look forward to seeing many old friends on Saturday, and as we did at the May auction ‘due to popular demand’, we will be having a short break half way through the inventory.

Auctioneer’s Choice

The wacky giant anglepoise (Lot 79).
Or the Norwegian safe on rollers (Lot 249)


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