Once more we have run out of space, and have had to restrict our Summer Estate Sale outing to just over 600 lots. And we have already started on the next inventory, so if you have any treasures to include – please get in touch.

lot 173

We are also still interviewing for the Cataloguer/Auctioneer vacancy – so spread the word around if you know anyone who would be suitable to join our team.

lot 465

Consignments for this auction have come from Ponteland, Gosforth, Coldstream, Morpeth, Darlington and Durham, and it is pleasing to get instructions from all over the region. It shows we do a good job, with many estates coming from solicitors dealing with probate matters.

Looking through the catalogue, as always – it is a complete mixture of chattels, which all need to find new homes next Saturday.

lot 323

It seems everything comes at once, and counting up individual lots it seems we have around 60 porcelain dolls in the auction! We have also cleared a good builder’s workshop, so the sale includes a good selection of tools and building gear. Three stamp albums for the academic, and three lots with some serious hi-fi speakers for music connoisseurs – Lots 80, 142 & 225.

lot 402

A good woodburning stove – ready for the winter months (Lot 118), or the complete opposite of that – what about the garden set which definitely suits this time of year (Lot 179). Lot 122 would go well in the garden with this, and as you lie back and swing on it, you could be serenaded by Lot 337 – I don’t think I have ever sold a balalaika before?

lot 344

Lot 88 was purchased in order to make up a suit, and such good quality tartan tweed cost a huge sum of money when it was bought. Talking of clothing, there are quite a few vintage textile lots, and the American “top gun” outfit is the real thing – Lot 98, complete with helmet. And speaking of skies – what about a spot of star gazing – Lot 36.

lot 42

Do have a browse through the catalogue which is on-line now. Click here for the link. With our upgraded website, you can ask questions about any individual lots – whether it be sizes of things or how much delivery would cost.

Shop now and leave some bids.


Auctioneeer’s Choice this time around is bit self indulgent, but the luxurious Italian cream hide leather is very inviting. And I would love a large enough house to get the logs in with the little van – Lot 361. Lot 277 is a very different and fine picture, if I had enough wall space!.

Come and view as we are almost ready now. Or have a day out at the auction on Saturday with free parking, refreshments and some real bargains to be bought.


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