We are busy tidying up our saleroom for another outing this Saturday, with an Estate Sale of over 500 lots.

lot 216

Coming from numerous sources, including house clearances from Berwick, Newcastle and Alnwick, we are “bursting at the seams” once again. And as usual, we have a huge variety of furniture, ceramics, furnishings, tools, glass, pictures, books & collectors items, etc., to be sold. So do have a browse through the inventory, which is on-line now. Just click this link and it will take you directly to the website.

lot 220

Looking through the catalogue, one just cannot help but wonder what some of the items must have cost when new. Such as the suite of blonde Italian furniture (Lots 408, 331, 241 & 206) or the French walnut bedroom suite – Lot 433. Or even the “hardly slept on” pine sleigh bed that came from a holiday cottage – Lot 336. Or the reproduction Georgian style mahogany furniture such as Lots 113, 196, 116 or 153.

lot 489

And as we are beginning to feel a bit summery, thoughts turn to outside & garden items, where we seem to have gathered quite a lot of benches (Lots 399, 435) pots & urns (Lots 323, 214, 183, 330, etc.) and even decorative ornamental items such as birdbaths – Lots 387 & 455. And speaking of decorative lots, 357 & 161 have caused some passing traffic to slow down on the main road. What about some staddle stones for the garden? Does anyone know how they were originally made to stop rats, or is that just apocryphal? See Lots 119 or 239.

lot 589

Thinking ahead, from the opposite of Spring sunny climes, how about a fine mink coat for the winter – Lot 5? Or even a dead leopard – if it is not too politically incorrect – see Lot 74. Within the inventory there are museum-quality items such as Lot 67 – a real treasure mixed assemblage – the binoculars are well worth having a look through. Or bit of history such as piece of oak from the 1782 Royal George sinking at Spithead – Lot 312. And of course, many collectable items such as the cartridge loader (Lot 191) – at least we think that is what it is?

lot 635

Summer is also a time when we think of our fitness, and we have two machines to tone up the six-packs – see Lots 285 & 30. On the textiles front we have vintage clothing galore, as well as a fine Brussels tapestry (Lot 16), which could easily have been made on Lot 198. Professional looms as large as that are few & far between.

lot 635

Have a browse through the inventory and leave some bids – it is very easy, and if you have any problems do give us a ring. Or come & view all day Thursday & Friday. The auction itself starts at 10am on Saturday (May 23rd) and there is plenty of free parking, the tasty refreshments van, and of course lots of bargains to go away with.

So have a browse through the on-line catalogue NOW
and leave some bids.

Auctioneer’s Choice

Auctioneer’s pick in this sale is Lot 273 the completely furnished Georgian style dolls house. Or the handpainted Russian dolls – Lot 22. The geezers (Lots 372 & 497) were a tempting choice, but folk have teased me that I modelled for them.

We look forward to seeing you – hopefully on Saturday.
And if not, we are open for collections on the Sunday after the auction from 10am until mid-day.


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