We have been rather swamped with stuff of late, with the rather rushed auction at Eden Hall which we slotted into our Sales Calendar, followed closely by our Antique Sale at the end of March, so we have been cataloguing like mad to catch up. However we are not complaining, and it is good to have so many treasures consigned. And we have another big outing next week-end on April 25th at 10am, with almost 700 lots.

lot 216

As usual the vernissage contains several house clearances, with a vast array of items which are bound to “float your boat” in some capacity or other! There are many mixed lots of glass, ceramics and collectables to rummage through, as well as a lot of furniture just waiting to be ‘farrow & balled’ – we are, after all, in the recycling business. So have a scroll through the inventory by using this link: www.jimrailton.com

lot 220

It is quite difficult to remember clients’ requests for specific items, and many folk have been asking for the plan chests (Lot 11) which I suspect will become a thing of the past before too long. Looking through the catalogue, there are many mixed lots of books – amongst which are bound to be some “sleepers” for the bibliophiles we cater for. Again ‘variety’ shrieks out at me, as it really is an “across the board” assemblage. Lots of practical builders items like ladders (Lot 178), tools (Lot 129), scaffolding (Lot 149), lights (Lot 182), etc. And sweep your own chimney – Lot 323! But there are also proper antiques like the bowfronted Georgian chest (Lot 619). Or a hallmarked silver picture frame (Lot 102).

lot 489

For the sporting we have fishing gear in several lots, leather saddles for riding, a pop gun, and we have all had a bounce on Lot 513. However the ultimate gaming piece must be Lot 442, again something which has kept the porters rather keen on their breaks. The oak piece has taken some moving, and the great team who set it up will be only too pleased to re-assemble in your home – if you have a room big enough to take it.

lot 589

Talking of weighty lumps, the lions (Lot 561) will need a crane – but again we can assist to help them adorn your garden!

lot 635

For those more ‘stay at home’ and less active, there is a superb cased accordion – complete with instruction books (Lot 47) – something that I have always liked the idea of learning. And for the hobbyists, a large professional loom – ready to be used in a studio.

browse online

So have a browse through the on-line catalogue NOW and leave some bids. You might get lucky with some real bargains.

Auctioneer’s Choice

Auctioneers selection this time -– on the furniture front an elm pedestal desk (Lot 490) of wonderful colour, or the small oak dresser made by Robsons of Newcastle circa 1900 (Lot 248). Paintings-wise, the two marine watercolours by Rutter (Lot 295), and for academic interest the palaeolithic and neolithic flints – Lot 473.

We look forward to seeing you again, and do leave some covering bids. Just a reminder that we sell at least a hundred lots an hour, as many people miss pieces by coming too late! The catering van will be busy all day, there is free parking and the sun is out – so make it an outing and come along.

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PS You can’t get pissed on Norfolk Punch – Lot 112.